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visclyn Smart Intraoral Camera

visclyn Smart Intraoral Camera

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Product Features

  • CLEAR VIEW BETWEEN TEETH - 30MP camera with well-focused lens shows a enlarged and clear picture between teeth. Nothing can hidden between your teeth.
  • HYGENIEC DISPOSABLE FLOSS - high-strength and reliable reliable floss, food-grade material - no peel, no smell, safe to use inside mouth.
  • SMART APP for iOS & Android - live view between your teeth. Save image/videos and share them with your dentist. No registration, no privacy peeping.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - 30 disposable disposable flosses are included and more are available at the cost of a normal dental floss. Check them out at visclyn store.
  • DEFINDED DETAILS - anti-slip handle, whole body water-proof designed, built-in battery is rechargeable with USB cable.

visclyn Smart Intraoral Camera

Mouth watch and teeth pick for baby and family

visclyn Smart Dental Floss provides clear view in your mouth to check oral issues or pick teeth for your baby and the whole family.

It can easily connect your smart phone with the embed WIFI hot-spot. You can take a screenshot or short video for sharing.

Portable, intelligent

  • 4mm, 3MP, anti-fog, auto-focus webcam
  • 6 LEDs light up the darkness in the cavity
  • Easy to connect App with device via WIFI
  • Take Screenshot and video for sharing
  • Bonus floss kit usable with/without webcam

HD Webcam

Help you find any issue inside mouth:

  • 4mm, 3MP camera auto-focus on details to find any issue in the cavity.
  • the 6 LEDs light up the darkness and reduce the fog on lens.
  • water-proof designed so it can works safely inside your mouth.

Intuitive App

The App is easy to connect, record and share:

  • connect your phone to the WIFI hot-spot of the device
  • open the App and start to have a clear view inside the mouth
  • With 1-2 clicks to save a screeshot or video and share with your contacts

Spare floss kit

Clean between your teeth with the spare floss kit:

  • usable with the extra small and light handle
  • compatible with the portable webcam device
  • 30 high-quality, food-grade disposable flosses are included