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Tachibiu Portable White Noise Machine

Tachibiu Portable White Noise Machine

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Product Features

  • Ultimate Baby Sleep Companion – Designed to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep this white noise maker is a sound machine with 10 different sleep sounds and musical lullabies to help kids relax and feel comforted when they’re ready for bed.
  • Soothing Music and Sounds – More than a white noise generator each baby sound machine features 10 sleep sounds including white/pink noise, mother’s heartbeat, rain, piano music, a crackling fire, nature, water, and more for custom tranquility.
  • Rechargeable, Travel-Friendly Design – A smart choice for use at home and on-the-go families this sleep sound machine is wireless, rechargeable, and provides up to 30 hours of continuous sound, so your little can catch a quick nap or a long night’s rest.
  • Calming Amber Nightlight – Our portable sound machine for sleeping also boasts a gentle nightlight to keep them calm and help you check up on them without disturbing their rest, as well as an auto-off timer to save battery life after every use.
  • Great Baby Shower Gift Idea – This baby white noise machine not only makes a good addition to your nursery, they’re a wonderful gift to give friends and family members expecting a little one. You’ll love being able to contribute to a new parent’s rest!

Tachibiu Portable White Noise Machine

Peaceful Nights, Restful Sleep

Introducing the 2-in-1 WHITE NOISE & NIGHT LIGHT, a beacon of serenity in the restless world of infancy. Tailored to create the most serene sleep setting, its blend of gentle sounds and soft amber light eases babies into restful dreams, regardless of the environment. It's the essential tool for a good night, every night.

Crystal Clear Sounds of Serenity

Step into a world of high-definition auditory relaxation with the Tachibiu White Noise Machine. Say goodbye to disturbances and embrace the future of sleep sounds. Whether it's the tranquil ripples of a calm sea or the soul-soothing notes of a grand piano, the audio experience is nothing short of magical.

Sleek, Functional, and Always Ready

Elegance meets efficiency in this compact sound machine. A fusion of night light and soothing sounds, it's every modern parent's dream come true. The innovative silicone lanyard is both safe and versatile, making it your ideal travel buddy or a reliable fixture at home.

Long-Lasting Comfort for Tiny Dreamers

Power-packed with a 1200mAh battery, it promises to stand by your side, night after night. Delivering 30 hours of soothing sounds or 120 hours of warm light, it ensures your little one's comfort isn't compromised. Personalize, lock, and forget – it's set to do the rest, offering unmatched value.

Essential for Anyone Who Wants Better Sleep

This white noise machine is your passport to peaceful nights and energetic mornings. Notice how your positivity and creativity improve after a uninterrupted full night's sleep. Highly acclaimed by satisfied sleepers who call it a big improvement over other models. Many customers are so pleased with their results they return to get another.