Pumpinose Baby Nasal Aspirator

How to Use?

Pumpinose hand pump nasal aspirator is very easy to use. All parts are assembled together in the factory so you can start using it right out of the bag.

Step 1, put the nose tip against the nose or near the snot outside the nose.

Step 2, pull the pump 2-3 times to suck the snot out. Put 2 fingers between the handle and pull it up and down.

Step 3, Take off the nose tip from the tube, unscrew it  to open the 2 parts and rinse them under water. Dry the parts with tissue or put them there for air drying and wait for next use.


1. the nose tip and the hand pump can't be sterilized in dishwasher. They will be distorted in heat.

2. the hand pump needs to be lubricated after washed or when it becomes stuck. Please watch below video or click here to view more detailed instruction of how to lubricate the pump.

3. Please make sure the tube is dried before next use to avoid the water being sucked into the pump.


1) The package comes broke and looks like used ?

This usually happens in transportation. If you find the the product is defective, please contact us for replacement. Email us at service@bluripp.com or leave us a message here.

2) The pump becomes hard to pull ?

Please lubricate the pump following the video in TIPS 2.

3) The snot will goes into the tube ?

Please make sure the snot will not go over the air hole connecting to the silicone tube. And please clean the nose tip after each use.

4) How to clean and maintain ?


Silicone tube: wash or sterlize

Hand pump and the nose tip: rinse under water


Put the parts together after cleaning and store it at your convenient place. Don't put it near heat source or under direct sunshine.


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