What if your Pumpinose gets stuck?

The hand pump needs lubrication when it gets stuck and hard to pull. It usually happens when it's not used for long time or after washing. Don't worry, just lubricate it with edible oil follow the video guide the step by step. After lubrication, it will work like new again.

Step 1: turn the handle anticlockwise to open the pump and take the handle and spring out.

Step 2: put some edible oil on a tissue and wipe it around the inner wall of the pump.

Step 3: put the spring and handle back and screw them tight. Pull several times and it will work as new. 

Bingo! You have a brand new hand pump now.

# It's recommended to wash the hand pump when the cold is over and dry all parts before storing it aside.

Thanks for watching this. Shall you have any issue, please feel free to contact us or email us at service@bluripp.com .


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