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Pumpinose Baby Nasal Aspirator

Pumpinose Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Product Features

  • Clear Stopped Up Noses Fast – A must-have for parents with small babies who need help clearing out their nasal passages our baby nasal aspirator works to suck out boogers and snot with a quick, kid-safe pull to keep airways clearer day or night.
  • Adjustable Hand Pump Power – Quieter and more controllable than an electric nasal aspirator ours features a hand-controlled pump with adjustable power, which allows you to control the flow more effectively for smooth, comfortable baby support.
  • Comfortable, Baby Safe Nasal Tip – Each nasal aspirator for kids also comes with a flexible nose tip that won’t penetrate or hurt your baby’s delicate nostrils or irritate their skin. Just place it under the nostril and suck out the gunk quickly and safely.
  • Mess-Free Hygienic Use – Our nose suction nasal aspirator for toddlers and babies features a unique air inlet designed to prevent boogers, snot, or excess from entering the tube and pump to make it easier to rinse out and ready for round two.
  • Ultra-Quiet Suction System – Easier to use during the day when kids are awake, as well as when they’re recovering during a warm, cozy nap our baby nasal aspirator bulb and hand pump are super quiet to not add stress or discomfort.

Pumpinose Hand Pump Nasal Aspirator

A smart, simple, and effective way to remove boogers and snot from your baby’s nasal passages. This easy-to-use nasal aspirator features a powerful, ultra-quiet hand pump and comfortable external nose tip perfect for infants, babies, and toddlers.

Quick, Non-Invasive Nose Suction

  • The strong suction on our hand pump helps remove boogers, snot, and mucus with a single pull, so you can clear up stuffy noses in seconds.
  • Unlike hard silicone bulb aspirators that go in the nose we have a round aspirator that sits against the outside of the nostrils for more comfortable use.

Manual Hand Pump

Kid-Friendly Advantages

  • The hygienic design of our nasal aspirator means cleaner, safer suction.
  • A single pull can remove mucus, boogers, and snot more effectively.
  • The user-friendly design makes it better for parents and their babies.

Non-Invasive Nose Tip

Mess-Free Mucus Holder

  • Keeping the nasal tip on the outside of the nose makes it super kid friendly.
  • A clear container makes it easy to see how much comes out to monitor recovery.
  • The silicone tubing and user-ready design makes it easy to clean and reuse.

Make Cleanup a Breeze

Supporting Busy Parents

  • The removable mucus collector is hand and dishwasher safe.
  • Silicone tubing is not only flexible and convenient it’s easy to sterilize.
  • Even the hand pump can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled easily.

We recommend washing and drying all parts to improve long-lasting use and to reduce the buildup of mold or impurities.

  • Step One

    Turn the handle anticlockwise to open the pump.

  • Step Two

    Put food-grade oil on a tissue and wipe it around the inner wall.

  • Step Three

    Put back the handle and pull the bar several times to engage.

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